Hilarious Costa Rica weather in December

Costa Rica in December has incredible climate. Since it’s the finish of the stormy season and the beginning of the dry season, the whole nation is rich and green. Be that as it may, there’s a major distinction between going to Costa Rica toward the beginning of December and going in late December. While the start of December, for the most part, begins off somewhat moderate, things warm up in a rush as the Dry Season grabs hold of the north and focal Pacific alongside some inland goals. In the mid months, the traveler visits Costa Rica.  Guests ought to know that while the travel industry is a full swing, numerous non-vacationer organizations are shut during the Christmas season.

December weather  in Costa Rica:

December denotes the start of the dry season for the greater part of Costa Rica. The Pacific side and Central piece of the nation will see huge upgrades in climate and the Caribbean side will encounter a decent lot of downpour. December is a standout amongst the most mainstream long periods of movement for the nation with individuals coming down to spend their occasions in heaven! The Northwest Pacific season is the best month to visit Costa Rica. Never forget to visit in December. Day time temperatures are more often than not in the upper 80s to low 90s. Downpours area unit considerably less serial and generally simply a passing shower within the late evening or early night if by any suggests that. December is the begin of the time of year on the Central Pacific. In spite of the very fact that the majority days area unit tight, their area unit still some late evening showers. These actually begin to blur because the month advances. Temperatures begin to crawl duplicate to the higher 80s by a period of time. you’ll be able to at long last take your swimming equipment off within the South Pacific! The downpours can begin to die down and therefore the sun can prove considerably additional as typically as doable. Day time highs area unit as a decree the low 90s. Rains still happen, yet generally just in the late evening. The Caribbean side is amidst the downpour season in December. Downpours can happen much of the time and whenever, however infrequently keep going long. As the Central Pacific, the climate in the Central Valley and Arenal starts to improve in December. Temperatures are more often than not in the mid-70s. Downpours are substantially less successive, with most of the showers in the late evening or early night.

Cost and availability for travel in December:

Lodgings and cabins have higher pinnacle season estimating (20% to half in excess of a high season) around Christmas and New Year’s Eve and numerous retreats and hotels have obligatory meals and gatherings on those two evenings. Least remains of three to seven evenings are additionally basic during the occasions so plan in like manner. For the second 50% of December, we unequivocally prescribe booking your hotel and airfare, at any rate, three months ahead of time and six to a year ahead is better for accessibility.


Bookings for mid-December as far as possible of the month ought to be made a half year to even a year in front of movement on the off chance that you require quality housing or numerous rooms. December is one of the most astounding times of movement in Costa Rica. Numerous Costa Ricans are additionally off work or school, so inns top off right on time. Make your arrangements and hold well ahead of time for this prominent month.

Getting around:

December month can be dubious on the streets. Much the same as November, the earth is completely immersed from long periods of downpour and any noteworthy tempest is probably going to set off avalanches that often cause ruin with getting around. Here, they attempt to have things tidied up by the occasions however observed each significant street in Costa Rica shut down for possibly more than seven days sooner or later in December.

Costa Rica in late December:

In everything except the wettest years, late December denotes the dry season along the whole Pacific coast. This additionally concurs with Christmas, school get-away, and a huge number of North Americans wandering off in fantasy land of tropical excursions. Of course, late December is viewed as a standout amongst the best occasions to visit Costa Rica. It’s pinnacle travel season — both for outsiders and Costa Ricans alike. In late December Costa Rica inns are reserved a very long time ahead of time. Regardless of whether you can discover a room, hope to pay “crest season” costs. Eateries and visits are likewise pressed, and leasing a vehicle can be precarious. This is an incredible time to look at some of Costa Rica’s uncrowded shrouded pearls, which I spread in my book Costa Rica: The Complete Guide regardless of the groups, there’s not at all like stating Feliz Navidad or Feliz año nuevo on a lovely shoreline with palm trees influencing in the tropical breeze.

Top 5 Things to Plan for a Trip to Costa Rica in December:

  1. Climb Peak Chirripo – End the year by ascending this lofty 12,500-foot top in the Talamanca mountain goes. From the pinnacle, it is conceivable on a reasonable morning to see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

   2. Go wilderness boating – Based on how exceptional the stormy season has been, streams in        December may run truly quick, which makes for an invigorating ride!

   3. Figure out how to Salsa – Join an expert move educator to get familiar with the essential (or propelled) ventures to moving salsa. You’ll have the option to take these abilities anyplace in Latin America!

   4. A friend down into a spring of gushing lava pit – Let a bilingual guide show all of you the numerous volcanoes that have framed Costa Rica, and get an opportunity to gaze down into the fountain of liquid magma’s cavity itself!

 5. Gathering! – Everyone in Costa Rica is in the celebrating soul in December. Classes are out, occasion rewards are paid out, and the sun and the sightseers are returning out to play. It’s an extraordinary month to make some new companions in a staggering spot.

Holiday, Festivals & Places to Visit in Costa Rica in December

Celebration of the Lights:

To get into the occasion soul, the district of San Jose has a festival with lights and night marches during the main seven day stretch of December. Families cuddle up under covers in the grandstands (or in their homes) and watch as the lighting showcases walk down the fundamental lane in San Jose. Firecrackers top off the experience.


In Costa Rica, December 24th is the day when a great many people assemble to observe Christmas. Regularly families get together at night to eat tamales and Arroz con Leche(rice pudding). You will most likely observe loads of Christmas lights up and may even have the option to observe a neighbourhood festivity. Most cafés will presumably remain open, however markets and drug stores may close early or even throughout the day on the 24th and 25th.

New Years Eve:

December 31st is apparently the most significant date around the Christmas season and a standout amongst the most significant dates of the entire year. Families assemble at night to have a colossal supper that incorporates tamales, a wide range of pork items, and baked goods. Everybody keeps awake until after 12 pm and the night sky detonates with firecrackers and ranchera music. Most cafés will presumably remain open, however, stores and drug stores may close early or even throughout the day on the first!

Want to go costa? Plan your next vacation to go to Costa Rica. A great deal of happiness and fun exercises in costa is sitting tight for you!!!

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