Perfect Costa Rica trip guide


Costa Rica is wealthy in life and it had a monopoly on nature. Home to howling monkeys, toucans, butterflies, hummingbirds, vibrant frogs and leather turtle, quite twenty-fifth of Central American nation is protected in national parks and reserves. It is located within the so much north-west of Central American nation. In the south, the beaches of Costa Rica’s Nicoya land are hidden in secluded coves, whereas on the central seacoast, the ease stamping ground of Jaco may be a magnet for sun-worshipers. This place is in within the mountain ranges dividing the Caribbean from the Pacific, the mighty Arenal volcano spews and splutters volcanic rock into the Costa Rican night sky. Twitchers can love the coastal mangroves around Tortuguero, a large parkland comprising coast and jungle-fringed waterways teaming with bird and bug life. And for a few most effective woodland trekking in Latin America, head to Corcovado parkland on the Osa land, Costa Rica’s most remote and probably most gratifying geographical region.

The Wildlife:


The Wildlife abounds in Costa Rica on appearing virtually cartoonish: The keel-billed toucan birds look you from treetops in all places. A keen eye can recognize a sloth on a branch or the eyes of a cayman breaking the surface of a flowering tree swamp, whereas alert ears can catch rustling leaves signalling a troop of white-faced capuchins monkeys or the haunting decision of a New World monkey. Blue Morpho butterflies flit amid orchid-festooned trees, whereas vibrant tropical fish, sharks, rays, dolphins and whales flourish the offshore – all as if in an extremely conservationist dream.

Best Months to Visit:


The best time to go to the Central American nation is from time period to April (the dry season). This peak traveller season boasts many sunshine creating it a perfect time for exploring rain forests and must visit the beaches. The time of year is that the most well-liked (and expensive) time to go to. Fortuitously the U.S. dollar goes a protracted manner in Central American nation regardless of the season. you’ll need to book your area and tour reservations 3 months beforehand to secure a spot. If you do not mind obtaining a touch wet. In Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month, rain showers pause concisely, and Costa Rica’s forests burst with inexperienced foliage. whereas designing your trip, confine mind that the weather varies by region. within the thick forests of the sea coast and Northern Plains, expect high humidness and temperatures between the 70s and high 80s year-round. Conversely, within the Pacific Ocean, steel oneself against lower humidness levels, however temperatures that usually soar into the 90s throughout Costa Rica’s dry months.

How to stay safe in Costa Rica?

While the Central American nation is one in all the safest countries to move and pack. It’s continually sensible to play it safe! Petty larceny (including bag snatching) is one in all the foremost common kinds of crime in Central America. There are some common scams around, particularly the taxi cab scam wherever a driver tells you the meter is broken once the drive has already begun. Avoid isolated areas at nighttime, and remember of your surroundings the least bit times. Create copies of your personal documents, as well as your passport and ID. Forward your itinerary on to fair-haired ones, therefore, they’ll recognize wherever you’re. If you don’t lie with reception, don’t lie with here! Follow that rule and you’ll be fine. The foremost vital piece of recommendation I can give is to get sensible travel insurance. Travel insurance can defend you against unwellness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection just in case something goes wrong. I never press on a visit while not it as I’ve had to use it again and again within the past.

Escape One Week to  Costa Rica:

Costa Rica might look tiny on the map, however, don’t let its tiny size fool you. There are such a big amount of places to envision and adventures to be had – from its beautiful beaches, misty cloud forests, extraordinary life, lush rain forests to active volcanoes. it’s not possible to envision Central American nation in just every week. On our recent trip, we have a tendency to spent two we have a tendency treks there – daily jam-choked with activities – and that we still feel we barely scraped the surface! Our recommendation is to arrange a minimum of two weeks in the Central American nation. it’s a decent quantity of your time to explore 3-4 places while not feeling too hurried. you’ll be able to add further days if you would like to hide the additional ground.

Outdoor Adventures:


Rain forest hikes and brisk high-altitude trails, dashing white-water rapids and warm-water, best surfing: Central American nation offers a dizzying suite of out of doors adventures in each form and size – from the squeal-inducing rush of a cover nothing line to a sun-dazed afternoon at the beach. National parks enable guests to glimpse life in each timberland and cloud forest, preparation volcanoes supply non natural vistas, and reliable surf breaks are suited to beginners and consultants alike. Can’t decide? Don’t worry: given the country’s size, you’ll be able to arrange a comparatively short trip that features it all.

What to Eat?


With its tropical temperatures, Costa Rica cooking options associate in Nursing abundance of exotic fruits (especially pejibayes) and vegetables and counting on what a part of the country you’re in, various soldier. Black beans and rice are a staple and vicinity of just about each ancient meal. Of course, Costa Rica is legendary for its occasional beans (though abundant of it’s exported), however, you should not leave while not attempting a cup.

One of the fun things to try to to in Costa Rica goes beach-hopping. However, the beaches could seem near to one another on the map however are literally the way to drive to. This can be as a result of there’s no actual “road” connecting the beaches thus you can’t extremely drive on the coast. you’ll have to be compelled to drive out of the beach city and return to the most road 1st before you’ll head towards following beach community. you will notice some folks trying to drive their automobile onto the sandy pathways leading up to the beaches. Don’t do this. we have a tendency to hope this trip guide can facilitate together with your trip!! Happy and unforgettable journey!!

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