Carara National Park of Costa Rica

Carara National park is one of the transition forests to San Jose. Half all animal species that board Central American nation will be found during this Park. However, positively a requirement for all nature-lovers. The Carara park is found regarding associate hour off from San José. The streets lead you through the mountains, which provides you with spectacular nature views. The doorway is regarding a pair of a kilometer before Tarcoles Bridge, from wherever you’ll watch crocodiles, that are continuously enjoying the sun or swimming with the sunshine flow of the stream. Carara park could be a transition forest, which suggests that the rain forest of the south and also the dry forest of the north of the country meet. For this reason, there are animal species from each region and even half the species that board Central American nation will be found within the Park. The Park is additionally familiar for the various bird species you’ll observe there, particularly for the red Ara parrot. From could to November, the Park is open from 8AMto 4 PM, and from Dec to Gregorian calendar month from 7 AM to 4 PM. We tend to visited the Park in a Gregorian calendar month, and it was quite empty. The park rangers welcome the United States of America at the doorway and explained the various hiking trails. There are 5 in total that bears the inexperienced, lush forest of the Park. Explore the most famous and lush forest park in Costa Rica.

Places to Visit:

1. Tarcoles River Bridge:


Numerous people don’t remember they’re in a National Park in the “Crocodile Bridge.” However, the Tarcoles stream would be the northern outskirt of the play area. Despite the keepsake stands, squad cars and shirt vendors showed to deflect hoodlums from expelling everything while they peer over the railings in the critter’s feet under it is a National Park. In 2014, there was a crackdown on visit guides who were putting on shows by wrongfully hand-nourishing solidified cows into the 20-foot cross. In any case, the immense reptiles still hang outside sunning themselves on the banks of this waterway, and for some odd reason, huge numbers of these have stomaches loaded up with poultry as well. This is a fabulous spot where they perch for the night, to watch and sustain all through the book and can be seen around sunset the Río Tárcoles towards the mangroves. 

2. Laguna Meandrica:


This is an excellent trail where you saw the macaws and can watch winged animals. It is unique in relation to the officer station, around two km north, and a parking garage is with a shield. 

Main ranger station paths

The essential station has three particular ways: the all-inclusive (handicap neighborly) trail, Sendero Quebrada Bonita (1.3 kilometers) and Sendero Los Araceas (1.1 km) 

Universal trail

One thing about this Park is they have. It’s an amazingly level, so it open. 

3. Las Araceas and Quebrada Bonita course:


The Quebrada Bonita course is 1.3 km, and the Las Araceas is 1.1 km, so is anything but a long walk. With the goal that you can circle them to All of them associate.

Walking in the Trail:

Walking among the recreation center’s three trails guests can see umbrella-moulded Guanacaste trees, Costa Rica’s national tree, congested with desert flora alongside the tall, straight trunks of some of Costa Rica’s tallest rainforest trees like the kapok and the wild cashew that can grow 200-feet over the woods floor. Trails through Carara highlight thick, hereditary timberland that is stayed unaltered for a great many years loaded with transcending old trees, vines and thick obscure shelters that shut out the light. Close by, Carara’s optional backwoods has developed over an old natural product ranch and stays loaded up with banana, fig, and other quickly developing organic product trees that pioneer the land for the recovery of its essential rainforest. Adventure into the recreation center promptly in the first part of the day with a guide ($25-$40 per individual) for the most obvious opportunity to see white-confronted, howler and creepy crawly monkeys swing through the shelter searching for organic product like those found on the contorted parts of the strangler fig trees – in some cases you can even observe the two howlers and white-confronted having similar trees. Red macaws fly through the timberland, roosting on illustrious palms and quarreling about the natural product among the recreation center’s 400 different types of winged animals. Sloths, peccaries, agoutis, coatis, basilisk reptiles and boa constrictors are only a couple of different creatures staying in the recreation center. The Tarcoles River, with its 2,000 crocodiles, frames the northern limit of Carara National Park. These ancient reptiles can quantify in excess of 20 feet from nose to tail and can be seen under the Tarcoles River connect on Route 34 while making a beeline for the recreation center from San Jose.


The Quebrada Bonita guest inside has outdoor tables, bathrooms, and maps accessible for climbers. The guest’s inside is situated on the left half of the street as you are heading toward Jaco, around three minutes subsequent to the intersection the Tarcoles River connect. 

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