Hi, we are a group of travel bloggers and travel journalists with a thirst to discover attractions in Costa Rica and Central America and an addiction towards travel. 10 years ago, we went on a group trip and since then we have pushed boundaries, faced various challenges and now our hard work has helped us to grow and develop. We did not do everything right during our trips but we gained a lot of knowledge and experience and decided not to let others do the same mistakes. 

Life is a big adventure and we all love to take risks. Our team members are not new to travelling. Most of them have been educated, settled and worked in various parts of the world. Our common motto and aim have united us and the result of our aim is well seen through this blog. 

While on the trip, we face various challenges. It is not like a bed of roses all the time. One of our teammates got lost, we were suddenly chased by a native auto-rickshaw guide, backpack broke and fell into a sea…all these odds are the best experiences of our lifetime. We would have not got these experiences if we have not travelled.  

Our desire to explore and explore does not rest until we cover each and every part of Central America and Costa Rica. You need to have a lot of courage and determination to travel to countries that are completely new. If you are teaming with people who know six to seven languages, you can manage well. 

It is also recommended to do complete research before stepping into a new destination. This way, you would know the attractions, culture, lifestyle, things to do and places to visit. Moreover, it is recommended to use a mobile app that is famous in that country. Google Maps are always handy and suitable for any country you are visiting. 

As you research more and more on the internet, you can get a lot of ideas and information about the place. It is how we discovered several places in Central America. 

Hope you enjoy reading our blog. We have drafted our unique experiences and share some of the best information which you can make use while planning your international trip.

If you have comments or suggestions, do get in touch with us.